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Phique is Launched

Welcome to Phique, a new hair care product line. This brand was designed to give you great looking hair using only the most effective technologies.

Actually, it isn’t a whole line right just yet. It is a shampoo and conditioner that will make your hair look and feel great. My partner and I have worked hard to create these formulas and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.phique hair care

Why create Phique?

You might wonder why the world needs another hair care line? This was something we couldn’t answer for years which is why these products weren’t created sooner. We didn’t want to launch a beauty brand until we could offer something more than just standard hair products. After years of planning, researching, and experimenting, we created a shampoo and conditioner formula that will give you exceptionally great looking hair. We use the most effective ingredients to make formulas we are proud to sell.

What makes Phique unique?

The main reason we started this line is to create excellent formulas that will make almost anyone’s hair look and feel great. Plus, we believe you will also enjoy the experience of using the products. It’s oddly satisfying the way the products glide through your hair.

The creamy foam feels like a soft silky pillow. It engulfs each hair strand pulling off dirt and pollution while providing moisturizing ingredients leaving hair more manageable, feeling nicer and bright.

The conditioner slips through your hair leaving it soft, frizz free and in optimal condition to give your hair any style that you wish.

Of course, there are lots of hair products with nice foam and good conditioning properties. While our formulas are unique, product performance is not the only only reason to use them. We wanted to bring something different to this product line.  And it is these things that make Phique unique.

No Nonsense

Our brand is all about excellent performance. For this reason we only include ingredients proven to have a positive impact on hair. We are not one of those brands that put in claims ingredients at low levels just for a story. If an ingredient isn’t proven to impact hair we won’t use it.

You know all those extracts, exotic oils, proteins and vitamins many brands highlight in their advertising? Well that’s nonsense. Those ingredients have practically no effect on performance. In fact, in the cosmetic industry we call these claims ingredients because they are put in for the purpose of marketing claims. They don’t actually do anything! The ingredient list should not be a marketing tool.

If an ingredient is in our product, it’s in there to improve performance

Science focused

Our formulas are made using science. These products were not conceived by people with no background in science. They weren’t inspired by celebrities or YouTube bloggers. Phique haircare products are created by cosmetic chemists who spent decades developing hair care products for some of the biggest companies in the industry.  We’ve picked effective ingredients and use them at amounts proven to be gentle and safe. We use scientific evidence to guide how we create formulas. We reject unfounded scaremongering some brands use to unnecessarily scare consumers. Cosmetics are not killing you!


Since we believe in transparency we’ve made a decision unlike any other brand.  We will tell you exactly what is in our formulas. That’s right. We give you more than just the ingredient list. We tell you exactly what ingredients are used and how much. Plus, if you ever have a question about our formulas we’ll be happy to answer.


Normally, when buying cosmetic products you are inundated with information from marketers, hair stylists, bloggers and more. Some of this is good and valid, but much of it is exaggerated, misrepresented, or downright false. We’ve spent the last decade educating consumers about cosmetic products through The Beauty Brains. We will continue to educate and inform. So, in addition to delivering great products, Phique will be dedicated teaching you about hair, hair products, and ingredients that work best for solving your hair problems.

Environmental Impact

We also believe in the science predicting the harm humanity is causing the environment. Therefore, we will do what we can to minimize our impact on those problems. In creating our products we follow a minimalist philosophy to lessen the impact on the environment. This means we use the minimum number of ingredients and the minimum amount of these ingredients. We believe in using ingredients from ethical, sustainable sources.  So you can feel good that when you use Phique you are not causing harm to the environment.


Finally, we believe in helping people while ridding the world of the most devastating problems. But as scientists, we are skeptical about the effectiveness of charitable donations. Fortunately, there is a group called GiveWell.  They use evidence based research to measure the effectiveness of contributions. We believe so strongly in effective altruism that we are committed to donating 10% of all profits to charities rated highly effective by GiveWell.  For you this means not only will you be getting great hair, you’ll also be saving lives and solving the most significant problems in the world.

So, if you want to save lives, protect the environment while getting great hair, visit our store and try Phique.

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  1. I noticed that sulfate is listed twice in the ingredients. I always thought that sulfate was NOT good and that I should use sulfate-free shampoo. Can you please explain the pros/cons of sulfate in shampoo and tell me why it’s in your shampoo?


    1. Thanks for your comments Mary! The main cleansing ingredient in the formula is Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate. The sulfates are added to improve foaming and rinsability. However, from a scientific standpoint there is nothing wrong with sulfates in shampoos. This is a marketing myth propagated by salon brands that look for ways to set themselves apart from store brands. From a technology perspective, sulfates are excellent ingredients for shampoos. I’ll do a post on that to explain it more fully.

  2. I am curious why pH matters in shampoo products and why you’ve chosen to make it a key indentifier in your product name.

    1. Hi Fawn, thanks for the question. Your hair is around pH 5.5, so it matters that products are around 5.5 so they don’t affect your hair negatively. If the pH of a product is really high, the cuticles on the surface of your hair will lift up (think of hair looking like shingles on a roof), and make your hair feel really coarse and hard to comb. We are a science based brand, and our name happens to start with Ph. It actually wasn’t meant to be a key identifier, but when we were playing with the logos we liked the look of it with the chemical notation ring around the Ph. You probably noticed, we haven’t made any big deal about it in our marketing other than we are science based. Our products will have a pH that will be optimal for the best results. We’ll have a future blog post about pH in hair care products so follow our blog!

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